Saturday, September 03, 2005

RSS workduring floods in Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra


Help provided by volunteers for first 8 days after the 26th July deluge

to flood devastated people of Mumbai and Kokan Region


1. Help & guidance Centres : 22

2. Hamlets : 76

3. Helped Families : 80,000 people of 17,000 families

3. Cleaning & Conserving : 35 Dumper Garbage cleaning.

22 hamlets - Cleaning / fumigation and water purification

4. Emergency Housing : For 2 days - 10 places

For 6 days - 6 places

5. Distribution of Grains : 20 tonnes

6. Supply of plastic sheets: 400 families

7. Mats & Bedsheets : 2000 people

8. Medical Help : Medicare centers for 5 days - one

For 4 days - one

Medical camps - 8

‘Chlorovat’ for water purification – 3,000 bottles (1 per Family)

9. Food Supply : 2000 people for 5 days

Biscuit Packets - 1 gross Bread - 4,000 loafs

Tea & Sugar - 135 kg. Milk - 4,000 Litre

10.Volunteers : 1,200 Volunteers

11. Other Highlights :

• Removal of debris, boulders & muck at Sakinaka land slide site

• Similar removal of debris at Mandala (Chembur), B.A.R.C. Labour colony.

• Safe passage provided to 250 commuters from Ghatkopar to Thane by Vikroli Nagar Secretary from his own vehicle.

• Providing boarding & lodging in Swayamsevaks own houses for 500 people of Prabodhan Nagar & Unnatnagar whose houses had submerged.

• Provision of boarding & lodging for 200 people belonging to Aappa Pada-Malad by Harishchandra Yadav, Nagar Sanghchalak at his factory and at his house both of which had submerged in the flood.

• 10 families of Mahakali Shantinagar were looked after at swayamsevak’s residence.

Thane, Raigad & Ratnagiri Region

1. Help Centres : 31

2. Villages provided

with help : 135 villages, 34 hamlets & 13,152 families.

3. Food Supply : 77,250 people for 2 to 3 days.

Food packets for 600 travellers of ‘Mangala Express’.

4. Distribution of Grains : Grains - 25 tonnes Oil - 2,000 kg.

5. Mats & Bedsheets : 6800 people

6. Clothing : 17,000 people

7. Utensil Kits : For 2,000 families

8. Cleaning & Conserving : Cleaning & fumigation at Thane, Kalyan, Dombivali & Chiplun.

14 Truck load of Garbage.

45 volunteers Cleaned & sweeped the mud filled Mahad Market area Chiplun

areas for 3 days.

9. Medical Help : 26 villages – 11,650 people

17 doctors worked for 2 to 3 days non-stop

Water purification – 8,000 bottles of ‘Chlorovat’

10. No. of Volunteers : 1,315

11. Other Highlights :

• Help to Govt. surveys at Kalyan, Dombivali

• Rajaram Patil, Sangh Swayamsevak single handedly saved many women and children from

Kalyan (East) Chawl & provided succour at his own residence.

• Cremation of 30 bodies at the request of Kalyan-Dombivali Police by volunteers.

• Opening of fair price shop at Titwala to overcome price hikes by local shopkeepers.

• At Ulhasnagar, Taluka Secretary though not knowing swimming saved a woman and her two

children from 8 ft. deep gorge.

• At Badlapur 65 people were saved from watery grave who were drifting in a flood current.

• At Dudhani landslide Matheran hill local volunteers climbed by rapling with the help of

‘Nisarg Mantri Mandal' & gave initial help.

• At Veldur Tal. Guhagar – Two Muslim Fishermen Societies brought 130 family kits consisting of utensils, mats, bedsheets to RSS Office. They requested that the distribution of these material should be undertaken by Sangh workers only. The first 10 families were given these kits in their presence. The workers of the fisherman societies offered further help whenever necessary.

• At Chiplun the Sangh Office was converted in to a Control Centre. The govt. officers and municipal employees were directing all those requiring help to this office saying that, if you require urgent help, contact Sangh Office.


Maharashtra Flood Relief
1)The relief work started on 27th July itself, when many of our volunteers joined local residents in distributing bananas, tea, biscuits, water etc at many points in the city to people who were stranded in vehicles on the road.

2)Subsequentely, since 30th July we are distributing appx 12,000 food packets per day, in addition to clothes,utensils, food grains etc(appx. 15,000 packets) and arranged medical camps covering over 5000 people in Kalva,Kalina,Dharavi and Dombivli.

3)We have set up a community kitchen at Kalva for which the Maharashtra Government has given two tons of food grains. Food is cooked at a central place and distributed to appx 1200 families everyday and this will continue till 11th August.

4)In Mahad(Konkan region) community kitchen was set up in which appx. 7000 people were fed every day for 6 days. Clothes, utnensils, stoves, blankets etc were also distributed to over 1000 families. Trauma relief camps have commenced.
5)In Sangli and Kolhapur our volunteers hace covered 50 villages and arranged for distribution of clothes, utensils and other items.

6)The Government of Maharashtra has appointed us as the nodal agency for distribution of aid in Kalina, Kalva and Dharavi.

7) Shri S .N. Tripathi,(IAS) Chairman of Finance Commission, who is heading ther relief committee complimented all our volunteers based on the good reports he got.

7)Our next phase of action includes post-truama relief sessions in all affected areas.

8) Medical camps were conducted in Shivajinagar at the Kalwe East railway station.

9) On August 5th, food was distributed to more than 1000 people in Mahatme-Pule (Khadi area)

10) On July 31st 600 packets of Puri-Baji was distributed. One truck load of clothes collected by volunteers was distributed

11) On July 30th, 70kgs of pulav (rice and lentil) was prepared and distributed in Mahatma-phule

Gujarat Flood Relief

Report from Surat

Our volunteer's are vigioursly working for hours together to make food packets and distribution. Our volunteers is very appreciated by Chamber of commerce and other NGO's in surat.

- For first 3 days more then 25000 food packets including poori and sabzi(vegetable dish) are delivered to 15 - 17 affected areas.

- 47000 food packets and 2,50,000 water pouches were delivered out of which around 30000 foodpackets and 50000 water pouches were delivered to the affected areas nearby baroda.

- Looking at the increase in the affected number of slums and villages Chamber of Surat called for a meeting wherin our institute was the first one to reach inspite of a short span of information and looking at the strong network, distribution and collection of things chamber authorities were highly impressed.

- And the very next day Surat Collecter as well as Gujarat Supply minister (Narrotambhai Patel), called for NGO Meeting wherin they had 2 options either to suffice the requirement of 1 lakh food packets and water pouches and the other one was to adopt 15 affacted areas where NGO's had to take up the responsibilites.

- They gave the responsibilites of 5 villages, Una, Kharvasa, Sachin, Parvat and Khumbaria, (wherein Una is the worst affacted area) to Art of Living and IAHV. for another 3 months, which was fullfiled to the fullest which included medical camps, sanitation, cleanliness.and we also included Navchetna shibir so since last 1 week our team is vigiouresly working upon it.

- Our NGO sent 1,05,000 water pouches and 25,000 food packets to collecter office for surrounding areas of Baroda

-Around 1800 people have undertaken the medical camp facilites and every day 3 - 4 medical camps are working constantly. Also the sanitation work is going on properly.

- AOL got Award from the five major groups of surat (Terapanth yuvak parishat, Agarwal Vikas Trust, Mohanlal Jhahu public charitable trust, Surat jilla vysya maha sanmelan) stating Sewa Sanman (Respect to service).

- Even Surat FM was impressed by our work on the word of chamber of commerce president and they published our 10 mins interview.


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