Monday, September 05, 2005

Report from San Antonio, TX, Sewa International + HSS with Redcross

Report recieved following rom San Antonio.

San Antonio city has housed more than 25000 Kathrina Victims. September 3rd and 4th our volunteers have swung into action to help the victims. All volunteers are registered as a red cross volunteer, an official agency giving relief to the victims. We have noticed acute medicines shortages, food shortages and blanket/Pillow shortages during the first day. Infact more than 3000 victims could not be provided food in a timely fashion.

Food Inchage of Red cross Peter requested us to provide 500+ sandwiches on a emergency basis. 22 of our sewa volunteers(most of them are from TCS software engineers) immediately came to our help. In 3 hours we have procured all supplies, made sanwiches and delivered to Red cross and it was distributed in 20 minutes for the people waiting in the line.

Photos are provided for our records.

TCS has agreed to give upto 10 volunteers a day in San Antonio for the sewa services to Kathrina victims. We were the only non-americans providing help in this relief camp and it was very much appreciated by the local red cross.

Next Step
We are mobilizing the local Indian doctors group with AAPI's help to provide the continuous relief to these victims. Dr.Vijay Koli, National President AAPI, Dr.Jayesh Shah and Dr.Venkat Srinivasan are in the forefront in giving these services. Dr.Malathi Koli has started the counselling services to the victims.

The whole Indian community has been mobilized with the Hindu Temple of San ANtonio's help to give the relief to these victims on a continuous basis for next few months.



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