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Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America Inc.

(World Hindu Council of America)

President’s address: 37 Kimberly Street West Hartford CT 06107

National Office:
P.O. Box 441505, Houston,
TX 77244-1505,

Tel : (281)-496-5676.

December 29, 2004


Dear Friend:

Almost four years ago a devastating earthquake hit the western region of Bharat (India). On December 26, 2004, exactly after 47 months, Southern region of Bharat was hit by a more deadly disaster, Tsunami Tidal Waves, bringing unimaginable deaths and destruction to several countries around the Indian Ocean. The world saw the tragic scenes of dead bodies and total destruction of entire villages. Over 11,000 are feared dead, hundreds of thousands more are injured and majority of the homes and buildings in the coastal area of Southern Bharat are destroyed. Thousands of women have lost their husbands and children. No words or pictures can describe the horror of deaths and devastation.

We, the fortunate ones living in this land of plenty, can and should show the victims of this terrible tragedy that we CARE. We must feel their pain and grief as our own. We have to open our hearts and do our part by offering material help from this land of prosperity and promise.

We know that the monumental task of rehabilitation and resettlement will take months, may be years, of hard work by the survivors and thousands of dedicated volunteers. But, the most of all, it will take huge amount of money to help the survivors put back their lives in order. As seed money, VHP of America has released $40,000 from its own general Seva funds for this project.

Please offer your support the cause of Tsunami victims by making generous contributions.

Your contributions are tax-deductible.

Please make your check payable to

"VHPA – Tsunami Relief Fund "

Mail to

VHP of America,
PO Box 441505, Houston,
TX 77244-1505.

Why donate through VHP of America?

There is no overhead and 100% of your contributions will be sent to reputable non-governmental relief organizations known for their honesty and integrity. Seva funds for relief work are distributed without consideration of province, race or religion. We are a 501(c), non-profit tax-exempt organization.

All contributions are tax deductible. Tax ID # 51-0156325.

Immediately after the Gujarat Earthquake, volunteers of VHP- Gujarat were engaged in the rescue operation on war footing in different aspects, without any consideration of race or religion:

· 1000 volunteers in each affected city / town / village had been sent.

· Maximum volunteers had been sent to worst affected areas like Bhuj, Anjar, Rapar.

· Three hospitals run by VHP volunteers were completely devoted for the treatment of the injured. Several open-air hospitals were setup quickly.

· Meals were provided to approx. 30,000 people every day at several camps.

· Medicines, blankets, clothes and food items were distributed free.

· Removing the dead bodies from debris and performing the last rites before cremation.

· Emergency / preliminary treatment for injured.

VHP volunteers are similarly engaged now in the Tsunami affected areas in Tamilnadu.

Be a part of Mission: HOPE! Please open your hearts and your wallets.

Make your tax-deductible donation check payable to VHP of America - Tsunami Relief Fund and immediately mail to P.O. Box 441505, Houston, TX 77244-1505 Email:


Tsunami Relief Fund Donation Form

Yes I / We want to help the victims of the Tsunami tragedy. Here is my / our contribution.

Name: __________________________________
Company: ____________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

Phone: __________________________ Email: ____________________________________

( ) $250 ( ) $500 ( ) $1,000 ( ) $2,500 ( ) $5,000 ( ) Other ________

Please make your check payable to VHP of America – Tsunami Relief Fund

P.O. Box 441505, Houston, TX 77244-1505

You may charge to your credit card: VISA____ Master Card_____ Discover_____

Card # ______________________________ Expiration ____ / _______

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