Wednesday, January 05, 2005

US-AID funds Catholic relief services NOT Hindu charity

US-AID has released 1.4 million dollars for the Tsunami reliefwork. The NGO's are CARE and Catholic Relief Services.The American Govt is non-sectarian and respects the activitiesof all faith-based organizations.US-Based Hindu charity organizations should also demand tobe treated the same as other NGO's. They should demandthat funds be given to Hindu charities as well.

To stand upfor your rights and responsibilities is a very American act.I recommend that Aim For Seva and IDRF approach US-AIDand request support for their relief programs as well.

One expert suggested " This is a very sound suggestion. It is about time Hindu organizations learnt to become pro-active instead of reactive.

This is the lesson of the charity cricket match organized for tsunami
relief also. Why didn't the Hindu organizations think of this?

Even now, why don't the get some musiscians and dancers, many of whom
are sympathetic to Hindu causes, to organize charity performances? "


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