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Tsunami relief work by RSS Tamilnadu - 31.12.2004

Tsunami relief work by RSS Tamilnadu - 31.12.2004

At Nagappattinam

In the worst hit Nagappattinam district alone, 700
Swayamsevaks are engaged in the relief as on date.
They have removed and disposed of 1,759 dead bodies.

In the District, out of the 57 Coastal villages, 38
have been affected. Out of them 21 Villages have been
totally destroyed. So far the District has seen a
death toll of more than 7,000 people. 20,000 people
have been affected. The fate of 4,000 people is not
known. The Swayamsevaks have distributed 40,000 food
packets so far. Yesterday (December 30) alone 6,000
food packets where distributed. Also they distributed
clothes, blankets and medicines to the affected
people. 8 teams of doctors are also engaged in
extending medical treatment.

In places like Keechangkuppam, Papa Koil etc., where
the situation is so bad that even the Govt. officials
dreaded to venture in, Swayamsevaks were engaged in
rescue and relief work. They removed many dead bodies
which were badly decomposed. It is to be noted that
even after the District Collector's orders, the Govt.
employees didn't go there.

RSS has installed a mineral water plant in Tiruvarur.
This plant has started supplying 20,000 litres of pure
drinking water, which has become scarce, to the
affected people everyday.

It is a matter of grave concern that at this sad
moment, when so many people have lost their lives and
scores of Children have become orphans, some Christian
organizations like 'World Vision' are engaged in
converting the unfortunate child victims of the

At Kanyakumari

Right from day one, Swayamsevaks have been engaged in
rescue and relief work with courage and daring. They
took the people who had lost their homes to safe
places. They retrieved 70 bodies from the AVM canal in
Koottumangalam, Mandaikadu and Ettimadai areas and
sent them to the Mortuary. They rendered medical
assistance to 400 people staying in temporary camps.
On the 26th food was given to 77 people.

On December 27, senior RSS workers met the PA to the
Collector. On his advice, under the guidance of
Sri.Radhakrishnan Tahsildar, 210 Swayamsevaks
retrieved 60 dead bodies from a canal. The govt. found
it very difficult to identify and hand over the bodies
strewn in the Kolachal General Hospital to their
relatives. The Swayamsevaks helped the Govt officers
in this task. The Swayamsevaks did the job in a calm,
kind and methodical manner. Everyone praised their
work. Many Christians who were victims of the Tsunami
were among those buried by the Swayamsevaks.

One of the dead was a vendor of sweets from Uttar
Pradesh. The Swayamsevaks helped his son Sri.Rajkumar
in cremating his father's body. Because Rajkumar had
difficulty with Tamil, he could not communicate with
the local people. Swayamsevaks helped him by
explaining to him in Hindi the procedure for getting
government assistance. When the Swayamsevaks were
engaged in relief work in Kottilpadu village they were
alerted by sounds of 'please save'. From inside a
thorny bush when they approached, the place it was
found that a lady was fighting for her life. She had
been there for two days. She was immediately rescued
and taken to Kolachal GH. Swayamsevaks also removed 6
dead bodies from the same bush.

On December 28, Swayamsevaks helped members of 20
families of Sambasiva Puram in Kolachal who had lost
their houses and all belongings. There 7 People had
lost their life. Because Kolachal has a considerable
percentage of Muslims, Hindus couldn't stay in any
relief camp. They also couldn't get Govt. assistance.
Swayamsevaks made them stay in V.K.P high school in
Kolachal and extended medical help to them. They also
registered their names with the officials and helped
them to get rice and other things. The Swayamsevaks
arranged for the disbursal of Rs.2,000 and clothes
from the Govt. They also helped 25 families to get
Rs.1,000 each from the Ramakrishna Mutt, Chennai. It
was given through the Sri Vivekananda Ashram at

In the next phase the RSS is planning to extend the
relief work to Veerabhaghupathy and Sothavalai

A UNITED VILLAGE: Devaneri Kuppam (near Mahabalipuram)

Devaneri kuppam is a village situated very near the
world famous architectural marvel of Mahabalipuram on
the Coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is a predominantly
fishing village. It had 300 houses out of which 120
have been totally destroyed. Even the 30 houses which
are built with mortar and cement are badly damaged.

RSS Swayamsevaks are engaged in extending relief to
the people there. They distributed food packets and
biscuits to the people. It was a sight to witness
when, the unruly crowd was regulated in an orderly
queue by the village elders and the head men
themselves. They then received the relief materials
from the Swayamsevaks. When towards the end 5 Children
were left out because the stock of biscuits ran out,
the villagers asked several children who had already
received the same, to share their biscuits with those
children. The villagers said that "all the people in
the village are very much united in everything they
do". The Swayamsevaks also had brought some clothes
for distribution. But seeing that it was not enough
for all the villagers they told the Swayamsevaks that
the clothes may be kept in their custody and they may
be distributed when enough clothes are brought in
future. All this show how disciplined and dignified
the villagers are even in the face of the worst

The Villagers told that they were saved only by the
grace of the Gangai Amman is the Presiding Deity of
the village. They narrated how the 8 foot high idol of
the Devi remained intact while the main door and the
door of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple were
washed away by the waves. They are planning to
celebrate the oncoming festival for the Devi in a
fitting manner and hope that the situation will
improve by then.

Because all the boats and fishing nets have been
destroyed, they are badly in need of these to eke out
a living. They told Swayamsevaks that on an average
each family used to earn Rs.1500 per day. They
recalled the incident when they watched on T.V the
victims of the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake rushing to get
food packets air dropped to them. At the time they
were wondering why these people were running after
food packets. Ironically, they are placed in a similar
situation now. They said they never imagined that one
day they would also face a similar problem.

Released by Media Centre, Chennai

Nataraja Darshan saves lives of 4000 fishermen
While thousads lost their lives in the Cuddalore coast to Tsunami,
close to 4000 fishermen belonging to some 20 villages like Killai,
Pichavaram, Kavarapattu neighboring the Chidambaram region escaped.
They had left their villages to attend the annual ritual of "Arudra
Darshan" at the world famous Nataraja Mandir in Chidambaram. As has
been their practice for generations, they were involved in the pulling
of the Mandir Car. When they returned to their villages post Tsunami,
they found their entire villages ravaged beyond recognition. Sri
Srinivasakumar a member of the fishermen community told us that they
were saved because of the grace of Nataraja. He stated that inside the
Chidambaram Mandir, they did not find any impact at all. He concluded
" all of us owe our lives to Him".


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