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Report on Relief work Seva Bharathi at Nagapattinam

By Anbudan ,Nambi Narayanan

Brief report about the relief work being carried out by Seva Bharathi at Nagapattinam.


Regd. Office: 7, Alagappa Road, Purasawalkam, Chennai – 600 084

Admn. Office: 12, M.V.Naidu, Panchavati, Chetpet, Chennai – 600 031

Camp: GMP Kalyana Mandapam, Nanayakkara Street, Nagapattinam

A Brief report on the Relief Work carriedout by SEVA BHARATHI since
26th December 2004 at the TSUNAMI affected Nagapattinam District of
Tamil Nadu.

Seva Bharathi Tamilnadu in association with the volunteers of the RSS
and associate organizations immediately entered the affected areas
within hours of the Tsunami strike in the coastal areas. Actually in
some areas the volunteers plunged into relief work even when there was
a severe threat of Tsunami again and again.

Seva Bharathi, a nationalist service organization, had undertaken such
big task earlier also in Lattur (Maharashtra), Uttarkasi (UP), Punjab
and Gujarat.

In Nagapattinam, Seva Bharathi has started relief work within a couple
of hours atter the Tsunami strike. Swayamsevaks from various parts of
tamilnadu and Karnataka collected relief materials and sent them to
the base camp at nagapattinam. Also many spiritually oriented service
organizations from various parts of the country sent the materials
which they have collected. So that they could be distributed
efficiently with equanimity.

A detailed look at the day to day service given below will give us an
idea about the service being rendered by Seva Bharathi.

List of Services being rendered

Date-wise Distribution
No. of Volunteers took part
Disposal of deceased Bodies

FP- Food packes; BB-Bread and biscuit packets; WP-water packets; NoV -
number of volunteers; NoD - number of dead bodies disposed of
26 Dec. 2004: 2000 FP; 5000 BB; 5000 WP; 100 NoV; 60 NoD
27 Dec. 2004: 6000 FP; 7000 BB; 5000 WP; 300 NoV; 850 NoD
28 Dec. 2004: 10000 FP; 20000 BB; 20000 WP; 1000 NoV; 600 NoD
29 Dec. 2004: 12000 FP; 15000 BB; 20000 WP 1200 NoV; 600 NoD
30 Dec. 2004: 12500 FP; 10000 BB; 20000 WP; 800 NoV; 115 NoD
31 Dec. 2004: 15000 FP; 10000 BB; 20000 WP; 800 NoV; 116 NoD
1 Jan. 2005: 11000 FP; 7500 BB; 15000 WP; 570 NoV 15 NoD
2 Jan. 2005: 8000 FP; 5000 BB; 15000 WP; 400 NoV;
3 Jan. 2005: 5000 FP; 5000 BB; 15500 WP; 380 NoV;
4 Jan. 2005: 2500 BB; 17000 WP 360 NoV;
5 Jan. 2005: 3000 BB; 17000 WP; 300 NoV
Total 83500 FP; 90000 BB; 169500 WP -----; 1798 NoD

On 26th the relief work was carried out through out the night. All the
deceased bodies were removed and disposed in co ordination with the
Governmental relief team. Initially on 27th and 28th the concentration
was mainly focussed on identification of bodies and handing them over
to the relatives. The works were carried out in co-operation with
Revenue, Police and Health department.

On 29th due to the announcement of another Tsunami attack work came to
a halt at 11:30am. Since then more than 60 doctors, (24 from
Karnataka) split into the team of 8 have been conducting Medical camps
in all the coastal villages and the Relief Camps.

List of food and other materials distributed in the Nagapattinam
District (three base camps) as on 05.01.2005

Rice: 450 tonnes
Dhal: 3500 kg
Bread and biscuit packets: 1,10,000
Water packets, 250ml: 1,90,000
Cloth pieces: 60,000
Bed sheet pieces: 5,500
Mat pieces: 5,000
Vegetable: 10,000kg
Milk powder: 500kg

More than 1,00,000 Food packets distributed so for.

Rice, Vegetables, Dhall, Milk powder, Utencils such as tumbler,
plates, cooking vessels, cooking stoves and bed sheets, mats, water
buckets, footwears, dress materials and medicines received from
various parts of the country have been distributed.

So for Essential commodities worth Rs. 70 Lakhs Utensils worth Rs. 16
Lakhs. Medicine worth 12 Lakhs. Mate, Bed sheet, Dress materials and
other items worth Rs. 17 Lakhs, running to a total of 1.15 crore have
been distributed with more and more materials pouring in various parts
of the country.

To help Water supply process, RSS has installed a mineral water plant
in Nagapattinam. This plant has started supplying 20,000 litres of
pure drinking water free of cost to the affected people everyday.

Woman Volunteers are visiting all the affected villages and doing
counseling works. The 38 Tsunami affected villages were covered by our
medical team and more than 10500 people belonging to the affected
peoples were benefited. Also medical service was rendered to the non
Tsunami affected area to prevent out break of epidemics. Thousands of
people benefited.

So far our volunteers have removed and disposed off 1798 deceased bodies.

It is ensured that all relief measures are being undertaken in the
entire east coast areas even in those places where there is no human
loss but livelihood has been largely affected.

Keeping in view the long term rehabilitation of the affected people.
Surveys are being conducted accessing the over all losses. 15 base
camps have been setup all over Tamil Nadu (along th East Coast)

In Nagapattinam District alone there are Base Camps at Vedaranyam,
Sirkali and Nagapattinam. More than 1500 Volunteers including 100
women, Doctors, Engineers, Advocates, Auditor are in the relief team.

In the near by Pondicherry union Teritory we are running a camp at
Karaikal where there are 250 Volunteers.

As a permanent relief measures we have proposals to adopt around 10
villages for total rehabilitation like construction / repairing of
houses and providing fishing materials. (Boat, fishing net etc.) The
following villages were identified for permanent relief work.

1. Seredur

2. Tharangampadi

3.Vedenayagam chetty street

4. Poompuhar

5. Vanagiri

6. Pudukuppam

7. Akkaraipettai

8. Keechankuppam

Also we are exploring the possibilities of adopting other villages
after due survey by our organisation.

The base Camps will continue to exist until the total rehabilitation
of the affected people.


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