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Monster Tsunami (killer tidal waves) unleashed by a massive earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale, off Sumatra coast in Indonesia struck the entire coast of Tamil Nadu at around 8.30am on 26th Dec 2004. This was preceded by mild tremors of different magnitudes in different parts of Tamil Nadu. The worst affected areas in Tamil Nadu are the Nagapattinam district and the adjoining Cuddalore district. At Chennai children playing on the marina beach and the morning walkers on the beach were washed away by the Tidal waves. At Kanyakumari devotees who were engaged in the holly dip in the seashore were completely washed away by high tides.

Outcome of Tsunami in Coastal T.N

• Over 10 Lakhs rendered Homeless
• More than 10 thousand dead
• Another 15 thousand Missing
• Still the casualty could not be ascertained

According to the official sources human loss in Tamil Nadu, till 29th Dec 2004, is about 7500 (Including pony). Thousands are reported missing and lakhs rendered homeless. But the actual toll may cross 15000 because most of missing were buried under the earth. Old aged persons; women and children were mostly perished in the seashore. Most of the fishermen hamlets along the coastal Tamil Nadu have been complete by washed away by seawater and the total property loss may amount to Thousands of crores.

The relief work involving the removal of dead bodies and disposing them off and providing food and shelter to the survivors were immediately undertaken by the government agencies and a number of voluntary organizations and is still continuing. Public response to the relief work is spontaneous. In spite of greater efforts, the relief work is yet to reach some of the remote areas. In Nagapattinam where the damage is extensive, the search for the dead bodies and survivors still goes on. Heavy rain on 27th Dec 2004 also hampered the relief activities. There is fear among the public about the spread of epidemic diseases and revival of Tsunami attack.

Participation of ABVP in the relief work

As in the previous occasions, volunteers of Sangha Pariwar organizations were the first to reach the places of disaster for rescue and relief operations. At Chennai RSS organized two relief centers, one in north Chennai and another in south Chennai, to coordinate the relief works. In Nagapattinam, relief work undertaken by RSS is more than the one by the district administration. The Sangha karyakarthas are working under the banner of ‘SEVABHARATHI, TAMILNADU’.

Through out the state ABVP workers responded spontaneously and involved in different kinds of relief activities. At Chennai a four-member team immediately visited the affected areas with in Two hours and started rescuing people to safer places by involving a group of Parishad workers. food packets water packets and clothes were distributed at 6 centers for 2 days. In Kanyakumari district our workers engaged in rescue works in different locations. At Madurai, Trichy, and Coimbatore Parishad workers started material collection. They have also deputed some workers to Nagapattinam (The worst affected area) to join the RSS volunteers working there.

What ABVP has done within Three days

• 12,000 Food Packets and 40,000 Water Packets, 20 carton boxes clothes distributed in Chennai and suburban areas. Around 50 workers actively Involved
• 200 Activists from 4 districts has gone to Nagapattinam to carry out relief work – working along with Seva Bharathi
• Two lorry loads of materials including Rice, Blankets, Medicines, Bread, Biscuit Packets dispatched from Madurai to Nagapattinam
• Collected Medicines, Clothes, Blankets, Food grains
• In Kanyakumari district, our volunteers were engaged in the rescue and relief operations in different of localities.

Further relief measures Planned by ABVP,TN

Now we are planning in bigger way to go ahead with relief and rehabilitation programmes. ABVP has decided to undertake rehabilitation work in selected areas only. Some of the further plans are …

• Distribution of food, clothing, Bedding
• Ascertaining loss on school education and providing necessary material assistance
• Medical Checkup for School Children
• Working in Nagapattinam for either burying or burning dead bodies

What is required?

• Donate New Clothes & Blankets
• Donate Medicines
• Donate Food Items, Bread and Biscuits
• Donate Note Books, Text Books and other School Stationeries
• Donate Cash to do relief activities in the Affected Areas

Time to act

• It is an occasion to share others pain, grief and Sorrows and also “Contribute a small token of Money or in any form of kind”

Where to Donate

No: 35 Shivaji Street
Chennai – 600 017
Ph: 044 – 24343457
044 – 24312359

• You can send cheques in the name of “ ABVP TSUNAMI RELEIF FUND “- Payable at Chennai

• For IT exemption under 80 G draw cheque in the name of “Elaya Bharatham Seva Trust” - payable at Chennai


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