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AS ON 04.01.2005

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

572 Islands

38 Islands inhabitant

2 Districts – Andaman & Nicobar

6408 Sq. Km 1926 Sq. Km

Population as per 2001 census:

Andamans District 3, 14,084

Nicobar District 42,068

Total 3, 56,152

Earthquake - 26.12.04 6:37 AM

Tsunami Wave - reached/hit

Nicobars group - 7.25 AM

Andaman group - 7.35 AM

4 numbers of waves struck at regular intervals till 9 AM

Worst hit - Nicobar group of Islands. Of which the following Tehsil
were badly hit.

(i) Nancowry Tehsil

(ii) Car Nicobar Tehsil

As per 2001 Census Population of Nancowry = 21776

Population of Car Nicobar = 20292

Govt. report on 4.01.2005 at 8.15 AM (Delhi News bulletin)

(Morning News)

818 dead body found unacceptable as per

Around 5000 still missing calculation.

Media Survey report = Half of the population in Nancowry & Car Nicobar
is washed off or Missing (After 9 days no question of survival). It
means that the death in Nicobars District is not less than 21000.

In Andamans – Death reported – 8 due to earthquake but heavy loss of property

Govt. Action

From 27th (Monday) to 29th (Wednesday night) Evacuation from Nicobar
group of Islands

30th Morning – Evacuation stopped which again started on 3rd Jan.

Relief Camps in schools:

(School building allowed to be used. Govt. teachers gave their best duties)

Fire Brigade _ Water (insufficient)

PBMC - Water (insufficient)

Medical Assistance – Doctors, Medicine, paramedical staff etc

3rd January on wards:

The Relief and Rehabilitation work entrusted to Defence under the
Unified Relief Command. Lt. Genl. BS Thakur is the in charge of the

Reports till 4th Jan Morning: Relief team with materials are
reaching/on the way. It is confirmed

They are yet to finalize policies and programmes for Rehabilitation


Relief Camps in Port Blair:

Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram – 552 persons (By Kalyan Ashram)
Boys Sr. Sec. School - 270 persons (By VHP)
Rabindra Bangla School- 350 persons (By Sangh & Art of living)

Total No: 1172 persons

Since 29th till today more than 2,500 victims were accommodated in the
camp, later on many of them returned back or went to their relatives
or to mainland.

Other NGOs operating Relief Camp:

01. Haddo Telugu Medium School -450 persons (By Marvadi Yuva Manch)

02. Boys School Primary Section - 200 persons (By Sidco )

03. Haddo Tamil Medium School - 200 persons ( By Ramakrishna Mission)

04. Govt. Sr.Sec.School, School Line- 400 persons(By Govt. & Its NGOs)

05. Haddo Hindi Med. School - 200 persons (By Dweep Youth Club)

06. Nirmala School - 800 persons (By Christian Missionaries)

Total = 2,250 persons

Seva Bharati is providing all sorts of Medical Assistance to all these
camps along with Doctors.

Sangh and its associated organizations are visiting all these camps
round the clock and providing necessary food materials, clothing and
other essential commodities.


Sangh and its associated organizations are providing all sorts of
essential commodities along with medical facilities to the 7 Relief
camps (Humfreygunj-1&2, Chouldhari, New Wandoor, Wandoor Jetty, North
Wandoor and Wandoor East – 2&3) outside Port Blair in which 1134
victims have taken shelter.

Relief Provided: Food, clothes, Medicine, blankets, water, doctors,
Utensils, Daily usable (Toothbrush, paste, soap etc.)

It is worth mentioning here that Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram is giving
relief, food and assistance to Nicobary tribals of Christian and
Muslim Community. Also in other camps run by Sangh Parivar is working
for people without any difference of religion, caste and creed.

Further Action: Sangh Parivar proposes to do -

1. Establishment of Temporary Community settlement in the areas
adopted by the Sangh Parivar since the schools etc are to be vacated.
Say a group of 100 peoples may be grouped in 25 each and be provided
with utensils, cooking equipments and very important grocery
materials. Book and educational kits to students of the settlement
camp will also be provided. This will be continued till it is felt to
be a need. The entire rehabilitation work will be executed under the
banner – 'Dweep Peedit Sahayata Samity'

Any person or organization desirous of remitting money, the draft
should be drawn in favour " Hedgewar Smarak Parishad", Port Blair.

2. After the relocation and reallocation of areas by the
Administration we will adopt areas and families to rehabilitate them
with the assistance of Administration.

Special Note

Sangha Pariwar fully operating in relief works are as follows:

1.RSS 2. Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram 3. Vidya Bharati 4. Vishwa Hindu Parishad
5. Seva Bharathi 6. Vivekananda Kendra 7. BJP

Other Hindu Organizations working with our co-ordination:

Bharat Seva Ashram Sangh 2. Art of Living 3. Ramakrishna Mission etc.

Note: On 26th the first Relief work was done by RSS. At around 11.30
AM Swayam Sevaks provided cooked food for the displaced persons of
Dairy Farm, Junglighat, Machi Basti etc. in Port Blair.

By P. Venu Gopal Reddy, 094408-78878



Port Blair Jan 05: It was around 2.40 PM of Jan 05 when the vehicle
carrying Relief workers just could maintain its balance and the driver
put a break. The vehicle with 5 passengers escaped falling on the sea
side at Wandoor. Later it was revealed as an earthquake hit again.
Thgis time it was recorded on 6.0 richer scale, perhaps the biggest
after 26th December.

The Sangh Pariwar has thrust his workers with relief works who found
terror in the eyes of the people living in various camps in Port Blair
soon after the tremor occurred yesterday.

A person, 19, from Katchal was physically best but was speechless
since the 26th morning. He saw his father, mother and one brother
entering into the deadly waves of tsunami never to return from there.
Since then he is not able to produce s……… paid the doctor attending to

The relief workers found a number of persons in the camps who do not
wish to have money, clothes or cooked food but want to see and hear
their nears and dears. They do not want to believe that the nature has
denied their existence. So at this hour many a people mostly from
Nicobars district who constitute the larger group of tribal following
Christianity and some of them are Muslims too are not only being fed
attended and cleaned by the Sangh Pariwar workers in different camps
but also they are giving them ….

and courage to get up and live again. Consoling these victims through
psychological strength yoga, patriotic songs, and other exercises, the
workers are helping them to regain their desire to live again treating
each and every distressed as a human being with humane touch.

In all 110 relief camps are is operation in the islands accommodating
21,111 distressed person of the 9908 are from Nicobars alone, most of
whom are Nicobaree tribes.

Indraprastha Vishwa Samvad Kendra

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