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Live-wire Narendra Modi leaves even Central Government speechless

Live-wire Narendra Modi leaves even Central Government speechless

Author: Ravindra Dani

Publication: Mumbai Tarun Bharat

Date: December 31, 2004

New Delhi, 30th - (Agencies)

Following the terrible Tsunami waves to the South India, while deliberations were being held to convene the meeting of Crisis Management Group (CMG), the Chief Minister of a state on Western Coast, Gujarat, was presiding over the meeting of its CMG.

The meeting of CMG of Gujarat was held first and meeting CMG of Central Government later. The high speed with which the CM of Gujarat made preparations to meet the coming calamity has left the officers of Central Government amazed.

Following is a look at the style of functioning of Narendra Modi.

Morning: 9.30: Meeting of the team for Disaster Management

Morning: 10.30: Decision of helping Tsunami victims

Morning: 11.00: Message of consolation and sympathy sent to chief of the governments of Thailand, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Afternoon: 2.00 p.m. Programme of relief operations sketched and stocktaking

Evening: 5.00 Two planes loaded with relief equipment ready for flight.

Tsunami waves had hit Tamilnadu, Keral, and Andaman-Nicobar. But the lightening speed with which Modi was engaged in the relief work, has earned the admiration of the Central Government officers.

Modi established a control room for relief work in Gandhinagar. In this work, he took a very important step. To keep contact with Tamilnadu Government, he selected Tamil speaking officers from Gujarat, for coordinating with Kerala, he selected Malayalam Officers and he did the same thing about Andaman. He was in constant touch with Lt Government of Andaman, Ram Kapse to get a chance for the planes from Gujarat to land on the Port Blair aerodrome.

He was personally supervising what material should be sent to South Indian states. While selecting the material for relief work, the officers had listed Kurta and Pyjama. Modi corrected to read it as "Lungi - Shirt". The officers did not have the presence of mind to remember that where the relief material was being sent, people wear Lungi and Shirts and not Kurta-Pyjama, but Modi had it.

While the Disaster Management team of Central Government was surveying the areas, Modi selected 67 highly affected talukas and appointed 67 Officers. Every officer was directed to look after his own Taluka. He also directed them to take the cooperation of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and other voluntary organization.


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