Thursday, December 30, 2004

Sonia's cosmetics would not suffice : Callous Congress

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The callousness of the Indian Government and its departments came out
in recent tsunami tragedy. It should have been declared national

It happened at 3 in the morning Indonesion time or 6 am Indian time

I do not see cable but only National DD. At the Newstime at 8 pm there
was a cricket match with Bangladesh. I came to know of the tsunami and
the earthquake when my daughter from the US called at night 3 am local
time. For full 20 hours I was in the dark. Lack of sensitivity
at all levels was the cause.

The tragedy could have been minimized if there had been an alert.
Andamans did not have time to organize evacuation but mainland India
had full three hours in the morning when an alert could have been
sounded and several thousands could have been asked to leave their
homes. Even if they had run on their feet they would have been alive
today. The waves did not reach beyond half a mile on the shore.

Callousness in the extreme.

Worse still the Government has started fudging the figures. Only 5%
of the real casualties had been reported.

God alone can save this country if a few Met heads dont roll. Sonia's
cosmetics would not suffice

This is not "callousness". In reality it is much more than that. It is
a travesty and a CRIME against the people of Bharat, very people that
put the government in power.

The lives lost must not be in vain.

The people of Bharat need to rise against the so-called "democratically
elected" government and demand some REAL ANSWERS. (Just as the
relatives of that IA plane did during the hijacking by the Taliban Junglees of

The failure of the government has clearly resulted in massive loss of

While we all know that no government or human power can stop a natural
disaster such as an earthquake from happening, every government has at
its disposal the ability to provide adequate facilities that would
minimize the loss of human lives & material during such disasters.

On the beach in Madras there was not a single siren or any other device
that could have warned the people. And it is clear that the government
agencies had 90 LONG MINUTES on hand to send out the warnings.

What a shame.

And now to see the ambulance chaser Italian broad ride in helicopters
and private planes for photo ops is enough to turn steel a coated
stomach into pulp. She does all this at the expense of the poor people. Just
what kind of a human is she?

And the GoI is asking for donations? For what? So the broad can get
free rides? What about all those millions from her husband's "memorial
fund" she has stashed away in foreign accounts? Now would be a darn good
time to bring it back to where it belongs. In the meanwhile, she should
be greeted with stones & spits.

Has that "Guiness Book of World Records" Masala dosa (the actress)
issued any statement yet?



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