Thursday, December 30, 2004

LONDON : Hindu Forum launches disaster relief task force

[World News]: London, Dec 29 : The Hindu Forum of
Britain and 50 major organizations have launched a
'disaster relief task force' that will formulate a
unified strategy for aid organizations in the UK
helping the victims of natural calamities in the
Indian subcontinent.

The representatives of SEWA International, VHP UK,
ISKCON, Gujarat Hindu Society Preston, South Indian
Society, Chinmaya Mission, Jain Samaj and several
other Hindu Councils met at a prayer meeting at
Bhaktivedanta Manor ISKCON temple here last evening to
launch the task force.

"We prayed for strength to all those affected by the
tragedy," Shruti Dharma Dasa from ISKCON said. "In
addition to the prayers it is important to engage in
practical relief work. The Hindu forum's strategy
meeting that formed the task force will bring together
an action plan to help victims of the tragedy," he

"The task force brings together organizations engaged
in aid and relief work so that offers of help can be
coordinated and managed in an effective way to
facilitate information sharing, and avoidance of
duplication," explained Ramesh Kallidai, Secretary
General of the Hindu Forum of Britain.

"The British Government has risen to the occasion by
allocating 15 million pounds for the affected
countries, though it is clear that significantly more
will have to be allocated once the full impact
assessment has been completed," said Kapil Dudakia,
Head of Public Relations of the Forum.

The Task Force would meet tomorrow to activate a
unified plan for the relief and rehabilitation work.

New Kerala
Dec 29, 2004


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