Wednesday, December 29, 2004

BJP, RSS set out on collection drive : Clothes, food, money

BJP, RSS set out on collection drive :Clothes, food, money

THE BJP and RSS in Gujarat on Tuesday announced elaborate plans to
gather from every corner of the State relief material and funds for
the tsunami-hit victims of south India.

In separate news conferences, both organisations refrained from
criticising the UPA government in its response to the calamity and the
ongoing relief work carried out by it. Both RSS Gujarat sangh-chalak
Amritbhai Kadiwala and BJP State president Rajendrasinh Rana said the
relief operations by the Central government were ''going fine''.

Kadiwala said over 2,000 RSS workers from south India were engaged in
relief operations in affected areas in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and
Nicobar islands. ''We in Gujarat have started collection of clothes,
food material and money for the relief work. Swayamsevaks across
Gujarat have started collecting aid from citizens,'' he said.

RSS-affiliated Seva Samiti Trust leader Vallabhbhai Saholia has
donated Rs 50,000 for relief work, said Kadiwala. He said swayamsevaks
in all 1,200 shakhas in Gujarat would be visiting main squares in all
major cities and towns of the state to collect relief material.


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