Thursday, December 30, 2004

LONDON : Hindu Forum launches disaster relief task force

[World News]: London, Dec 29 : The Hindu Forum of
Britain and 50 major organizations have launched a
'disaster relief task force' that will formulate a
unified strategy for aid organizations in the UK
helping the victims of natural calamities in the
Indian subcontinent.

The representatives of SEWA International, VHP UK,
ISKCON, Gujarat Hindu Society Preston, South Indian
Society, Chinmaya Mission, Jain Samaj and several
other Hindu Councils met at a prayer meeting at
Bhaktivedanta Manor ISKCON temple here last evening to
launch the task force.

"We prayed for strength to all those affected by the
tragedy," Shruti Dharma Dasa from ISKCON said. "In
addition to the prayers it is important to engage in
practical relief work. The Hindu forum's strategy
meeting that formed the task force will bring together
an action plan to help victims of the tragedy," he

"The task force brings together organizations engaged
in aid and relief work so that offers of help can be
coordinated and managed in an effective way to
facilitate information sharing, and avoidance of
duplication," explained Ramesh Kallidai, Secretary
General of the Hindu Forum of Britain.

"The British Government has risen to the occasion by
allocating 15 million pounds for the affected
countries, though it is clear that significantly more
will have to be allocated once the full impact
assessment has been completed," said Kapil Dudakia,
Head of Public Relations of the Forum.

The Task Force would meet tomorrow to activate a
unified plan for the relief and rehabilitation work.

New Kerala
Dec 29, 2004

Sonia's cosmetics would not suffice : Callous Congress

S K Balasubramanian,
B-8,Apsara apartments,
259, Bund Garden Road,
Pune 411001.
Ph: +91-20-2612 0627

The callousness of the Indian Government and its departments came out
in recent tsunami tragedy. It should have been declared national

It happened at 3 in the morning Indonesion time or 6 am Indian time

I do not see cable but only National DD. At the Newstime at 8 pm there
was a cricket match with Bangladesh. I came to know of the tsunami and
the earthquake when my daughter from the US called at night 3 am local
time. For full 20 hours I was in the dark. Lack of sensitivity
at all levels was the cause.

The tragedy could have been minimized if there had been an alert.
Andamans did not have time to organize evacuation but mainland India
had full three hours in the morning when an alert could have been
sounded and several thousands could have been asked to leave their
homes. Even if they had run on their feet they would have been alive
today. The waves did not reach beyond half a mile on the shore.

Callousness in the extreme.

Worse still the Government has started fudging the figures. Only 5%
of the real casualties had been reported.

God alone can save this country if a few Met heads dont roll. Sonia's
cosmetics would not suffice

This is not "callousness". In reality it is much more than that. It is
a travesty and a CRIME against the people of Bharat, very people that
put the government in power.

The lives lost must not be in vain.

The people of Bharat need to rise against the so-called "democratically
elected" government and demand some REAL ANSWERS. (Just as the
relatives of that IA plane did during the hijacking by the Taliban Junglees of

The failure of the government has clearly resulted in massive loss of

While we all know that no government or human power can stop a natural
disaster such as an earthquake from happening, every government has at
its disposal the ability to provide adequate facilities that would
minimize the loss of human lives & material during such disasters.

On the beach in Madras there was not a single siren or any other device
that could have warned the people. And it is clear that the government
agencies had 90 LONG MINUTES on hand to send out the warnings.

What a shame.

And now to see the ambulance chaser Italian broad ride in helicopters
and private planes for photo ops is enough to turn steel a coated
stomach into pulp. She does all this at the expense of the poor people. Just
what kind of a human is she?

And the GoI is asking for donations? For what? So the broad can get
free rides? What about all those millions from her husband's "memorial
fund" she has stashed away in foreign accounts? Now would be a darn good
time to bring it back to where it belongs. In the meanwhile, she should
be greeted with stones & spits.

Has that "Guiness Book of World Records" Masala dosa (the actress)
issued any statement yet?


Sri Satya Sai organisation - Chennai

Sri Satya Sai organisation - Chennai:

Served 40000 people on the first two days after Tsunami with food and clothing.Very impressive.They do it without advertisement, or soliciting donations. They mobilise donations from within.

They have 24 hour fully manned office with 35000 registerd donars, who can be mobilised within a days notice.

Tel:044 24346255, and ask for information realated to tsunami relief.

They have sent truck loads to Cuddalore and Nagapattinam. i saw the trucks leaving after devotees after singing Bhajans.

What victims want is bed sheets to cover themselves in cold nights,place to stay,and help to get their basic documentation like ration card,drivers license,etc.

There are practical issues like orphans,property settlement,separations of relatives,tourists dying in strange places,

Artof living Sri Sri Ravishankar's groups werer moving about in trucks were seen collecting clothes .

Jaggi vasudev's Isha yoga groups are also similarly working.

The Ramakrishna Mission is working.

One have to visit their websites and publications to come out with all news in due time, and provide a link

Sangh swings into action -Day and night relief work going on

Tsunami disaster - Sangh swings into action -Day and night
relief work going on
Author: Hindustan Samachar
Publication: Mumbai Tarun Bharat
Date: December 30, 2004

Chennai: 29th.

The Swayamsevaks, as usual, have rushed to the help of the Tsunami-hit
South Indian countrymen who have suffered extreme loss of life and
property to enable them to rehabilitate them ands make them stand on
feet again. The work of saving lives and relief is going on day and

"In the state of Tamilnadu where the loss of life and property is
more than 1000 swayamsevaks in 10 centres are engaged in the relief
said Parmeshwaran, Chief of State Service. Joint Prant Pracharak
Bhaktvatsalam is supervising this relief work.

Swayamsevaks are taking food, clothes and medicines to victims on war
footing. "The work of pulling out the bodies from underneath the debris
and doing the funeral rituals has become very difficult. Swayamsevaks
also been sent to the other districts, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem,
Ambur, and Erode. Large number of swayamsevaks have been sent
particularly to Nagapattanam District," said Bhaktvatsalam.

50 students fromVivekanand College, Madurai have joined this mission.
swayamsevaks rushed to Kolachal in Kanyakumari within a short time
the waves have struck and done the havoc. Here, the work is done with
assistance of Ramkrishna Mission. There are two medical camps run by
Dr Srinivas and Dr Daiva Prakasham are supervising them. Within a few
hours from the striking of waves, Swayamsevaks distributed 20,000
of food.

Swayamsevaks have started relief in Nellore and Prakasham Districts in
Andhra Pradesh. In Mayapadu, workers of Seva Bharati saved the lives of
people, which earned the praise of the District Collector.

2000 people have taken asylum in the relief camp, which is being run by
Swayamsevaks in Singaria Konda village. Food and medicines are being
provided by Swayamsevaks. Besides this, relief work is going on in
Krishna and Godavari districts by Sangh workers.

There are 26 relief camps being run in Kolam district in Kerala. Out of
them, 24 camps are run by Swayamsevaks. Similarly, Seva Bharati is
14 relief camps in Alpuza District. There was a camp of preliminary
training camp of Sangh in operation in Ernakulam. It has been changed
a relief camp. There are about 600 people who have taken asylum.

At Nagpattanam, Swayamsevaks carried funeral rites on 1100 bodies. In
work, Swayamsevaks are assisting Red Cross also.


BJP has launched an Apada Sahayyata Kosh - Disaster Relief Fund and its
Maharashtra President, Nitin Gadkari has appealed the people for
contribution. Advani is on a tour of the disaster struck territory and
Jaswant Singh will be visiting Andaman Nicobar to assess the loss and
of relief.

Appeal for help to earth quake victims by RSS

Appeal for help to earth quake victims by Rashtriya Swayamsevak

Author: Staff reporter
Publication: Mumbai Tarun Bharat
Date: December 28, 2004
Mumbai, 27th.

"The terrible earthquake has caused loss of life and property to a
massive extent on the east coast including Andaman Nicobar islands.
Swayamsevaks of Sangh are working at all these places. In Andhra Pradesh,
Jansankshem Samiti and Seva Bharati in Tamilnadu have started Relief camps.
From Maharashtra also work for relief has started and for this purpose,
a very large quantity of all kinds of help is required. Citizens should
generously contribute to this work," appealed Bhausaheb Mokashi, Kokan
Prant Sanghchalak.

The people desirous of helping should draw cheques or drafts or send M
Os in the name of "Sevabharati Tamilnadu". Besides money, utensils,
medicines and blankets can also be contributed. People desiring to extend
help, should contact R. S. S. Karyalaya, Yashawant Bhavan, Pandurang
Budhkar Marg, Behind Deepak Cinema, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013 -
Telephone No. 2494 7224 or 2494 7330.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sonia Gandhi pressuring Manmohan to divert PM relief Funds to Christian Organizations

This is a note from well placed source

Soonia Gandhi has humiliated Manmohan Singh by asking him to cancel his trip to Tsunami aggected areas , now super PM Soonia want to divert money from Prime Minister relief fund to Christian organizations .

"Please keep a watch on the money pouring into the Prime Minister's Relief Fund. I am getting complaints that under pressure from Soonia Gandhi large amounts may be channelled to Christian organizations engaged in relief work "

All India Movement For Seva : Relief work

Your help is needed this minute.

All India Movement For Seva (AIM For Seva) is actively involved in relief work in India. Please read below for details. I have organized the information in the following categories:

(A) Appeal by Swami Dayananda Saraswati
(B) Examples and reports of courageous actions
(C) How to give
(D) Organizations to avoid
(E) Prayers

(A) Appeal by Swami Dayananda Saraswati
The devastations caused by the tsunami are all over the media. Any
help has to be through a committed team of people engaged in the very
areas where the people need various forms of attention and help. The
All India Movement for Seva people are very much right in Chennai,
Pondicherry, Nagapatnam district and other coast areas doing relief
work. Our Swamis, all over India, are collecting materials and funds.
This work is going on, on a war footing.

All India Movement for Seva is appealing to everyone to contribute and
also to raise funds through others. We need help right now! It is
urgent! AIM for Seva is going to rehabilitate the people besides
providing food and medicine.

Your active participation is very valuable at this time of need. One
thing All India Movement for Seva assures you is, literally every cent
goes to this work.

-- Dayananda Saraswati

(B) Examples and reports of courageous actions

An army headed by Sanyasis is at work. I present 3 snippets here:

------Story From Jaishankar Narayanan, AIM For Seva,
------who himself barely escaped the brunt of the Tsunami
------at Kovalam beach near Chennai

All the people who were living near the coast have fled their homes and
are living in Govt schools, temples, Marriage halls etc. in interior
areas. Yesterday I went along with my friends and we bought food
packets and water from a nearby hotel and distributed 250 packets of
food and 200 water sachets to people living in Kelambakkam Govt School.
We also visited the Kovalam village and surveyed the damage. The shore
temple which was renovated recently in intact. Many houses which were
adjacent to the shore have been damaged and damaged boats are lying far
away from the coastline. I talked to some fishermen and they said that
they have lost their livelihood as boats and nets have been lost. It
may take a month to put together something and venture into the sea

From there we went to Pudupakkam Hill where there is an Anjaneya
temple. Many panic stricken people (more than 1000) have taken shelter
in this hill. The temple has some utensils (big ones) as annadana is
done here during auspicious days like Hanumatjayanthi. Some nearby
industries had donated stoves and LPG cylinders. They wanted provisions
for the evening meal and clothes. We gave the clothes, which we had
collected during the day, to them and bought provisions like Rice, oil,
spices etc. for Rs. 2800 and donated to them. I went there in the
evening again. They had really done a good job of cooking sambar rice,
tomato rice and Curd rice with pickle ( I tasted some) and were
distributing the food to the people. I went up the hill and talked to
the people there. Many old people wanted some warm clothes and
bedsheets. Someone had donated bedsheets but all of them did'nt get it.
The people there told me that they have'nt got relief from the Govt
yet. Only NGOs like Saisamitis and other local people have been helping
them out.

I expect the people to slowly go and settle down in their villages
today, if there are no more aftershocks, but they still require
provisons, utensils and other household items. Srividya had called up
all her friends,students and the people we know during the day and they
all have agreed to donate provisons, clothes and some money. We will
collecting all those materials and distribute it in the coming days. I
will also be talking to the village elders today and find out what can
be done for the longterm so that they can start their livelihoods

-------Message from Swami Pramananda, Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Combatore----------

Our venue is In Koradacheri. We have a kalyana mandapam there where we
are cooking and feeding food for over 3000 people every day, and medical
care is being given. We are near to Nagapatnam. Unlike in Chennai where
there are industries helping, in Nagapatnam there is no local support.
The local authorities Tasildar and others are looking to AIM for Seva
for support.

Manjakkudi Ramachandran and his team of about 60-70 villagers of the
area near Koradacheri has been doing phenomenal work in preparing and
distributing food materials since Sunday. They have offered shelter to
over 2000 people since the evening of the disaster, also.
The situation is very bad there. Our people have gone to the site and
found dead bodies in the hundreds below the thatched roofs of collapsed
huts. The stench now fills the air.

AIM for Seva at the all India level is organizing its human and material
resources to be sent to the Koradacheri area.

-------------From Swami Tattvabodhananda, Pondicherry, 4 days ago--------------

Here in Pondicherry, karaikal area more than 300 people died and 2500
people lost their homes. I had visited Ariyankuppam, Veerampattinam,
Kottaimedu, Vaitheekuppam, and Kalapet in pondicherry and tomorrow i
will be visiting kariakal area.

Today we had surveyed to give away the cloths to the affected people.
we need the following items immediately for the needy (for one area)

Sleeping mats minimum 2000 nos
Blankets atleast 2000 nos (it is very cold during night)
Vessel for cooking rice
rice, sugar, wheat powder, (atta) maida, kerosine, edible oil,

Swami Tattvabodhananda

-------------From Swami Siddhabodhananda, Coimbatore--------------

As an emergency relief yesterday, Swami Dayananda Educational Trust,
Manjakkudi, rented a Kalyana Mandapam and gave food, milk, lodging and
medical aid to 1,000 women and children. These villagers will be
returning to their villages by 29th December.

By the end of this week, AIM for Seva will make a consolidated effort in
providing ongoing food and human resources for reconstruction and
rehabilitation of the affected areas.

We at the Gurukulam will be organizing containers of supplies at the
National level to be sent to the affected areas in coordination with
Manjakkudi Centre.

---End of Courageous efforts

(C) How to give

If possible family including children can be asked to go door to door
to collect funds.
If you are living in the US:

Make a tax-deductible donation on-line @
[Note: please check "Tsunami Support" after clicking the "DONATE NOW" button.]
or Send your check/Credit card info to:

All India Movement for Seva
c/o Janet Falk
PO Box 639
Saylorsburg, PA 18353
Tel: (570) 402-1244
If you are living in India:

Send your donation (cheque or Demand Draft) to:
All India Movement for Seva
c/o R. Venkatramani
Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
Anaikatti Post
Coimbatore 641-108
Tel: 0422-265-7150
In Chennai, you can also get in touch with:
Bri. K. Chandra
Coordinator, AIM for Seva Corps (Tamilnadu)
78/10 Kala flats, Dr. Ranga Rd, Mylapore Chennai 600 004
Tel: 044-24997857 :Mob-98404 63989


Smt. Krishnaveni
Phone: 24454388
(D) Organizations to avoid

Avoid giving to Chief Minister's relief fund, PM's relief funds etc.
Indian Government is slow & corrupt. Enough said.

There are organizations like IDRF and AID that are channeling funds to
local agencies. If you support them, please suggest that they get in
touch with AIM For Seva. AIM For Seva is in the front-line.

(E) Prayer

If you are able to provide physical help, by all means do. You may
contact AIM. or other local agencies, including AID. I was checking
AID website and Prof. Ravishankar (IIT, Chennai) is leading relief

Finally, Pray, Pray, Pray. Invoke God's Grace to help the helpless,
and to give strength to the hundreds of thousands of sevaks who are
providing hope to the needy. Chant or write a japa (for e.g.
'Vighnaharaya Namaha') as many times as you can.

Open your heart. Give to your brothers and sisters.

With most heartfelt prayers,

REPORT : Relief work carried out by Swayamsevaks

Relief work carried out by Swayamsevaks in tsunami affected areas

Indraprastha Vishwa Samvad Kendra
8-B/6428-29, First Floor, Dev Nagar, Arya Samaj Road, New Delhi-5,
Phone : 011-25862042, 25729320 Fax : 011-25822649 e_mail : Press Release Date- 29-12-2004



The earth quake that hit the East Coast line on December26, 2004
caused extensive damage to many places of Tamil Nadu, particularly
Chennai, Pondichery, Cuddalore, Nagapattinam and Kanniyakumari.
Tremors were initially felt around 6.30 in the morning. But around
8.45 a.m., the sea water raised upto 10 mtrs with terrific speed
engulfing the huts, houses and people living in the coastal areas and
also people who were walking on the coastal road, children playing
nearby, fishermen both in and out of sea. Fishing boats, fishnets and
catamarans were extensively damaged.

By 10.30 a.m. swayamsevaks swung into action and involved themselves
in the relief work. By noon 12.30 the swayamsevaks started
distributing food packets, buns, clothes, blankets, milk to the
children etc. In some places, relief centres were opened and food
prepared round the clock. Immediately, nearly 800 swayamsevaks
involved themselves in relief work. Around 20,000 food packets were
distributed. Six medical centres were opened for giving medical

Nagapattinam district is the worst affected. Approximately 3000 lives
have been lost in the district. Responding to the appeal of the
District Collector more than 500 Swayamsevaks have plunged into relief
work. Nearly 1000 dead bodies have been removed by Swayamsevaks .

Two ambulances with doctors, one each from Salem and Coimbatore, have
been sent to Nagapattinam for the rescue and relief operations.
Assistance in the form of rice, dhal, clothes, and medicines from all
parts of the state is reaching the district.

One of the Villages badly affected in Kanyakumari district is Pallam.
RSS Swayamsevaks are actively engaged in relief work there. This
village has a predominant CSI Christian Community.

A survey is being conducted in the entire coastal belt to assess the
extent of damage and the areas which need rehabilitation work.

1. Repairing of damaged fishing boats
2. Buying fishing nets
3. Subsidising diesel supply to the mechanized fishing boat owners
4. Supplying house hold necessities and repair and construction of new houses

We appeal to the general public to co-operate by giving their
contributions at the earliest in the name of:

(Income Tax exempted under section 80G)
'Shakti' No.1, M.V.Naidu Street, Chetput, Chenai 600 031.
Phone No. 044 - 2836 0243, 2836 1049
e.mail: &


Relief teams comprising the swayamsevaks of RSS swung into action in
the districts of Nellore and Prakasham and engaged themselves in
relief and rescue operations. An Eye Camp was scheduled to be held at
Mypadu of Nellore District and doctors and other para medical staff
from Jaya Bharat Hospital affiliated to Seva Bharati of Nellore were
available on the spot when the calamity broke out.
The collector of the district who paid a visit to the village felt
relieved on seeing them and on learing that 43 persons were rescued by
the RSS swayamsevaks. Additional batches of workers also reached
Mypadu ,Iskapalli and channayapalem villages taking chapatis and
tamarind rice packets to be distributed to the displaced persons.

At Singaraya Konda in Prakasam Dist 2000 persons from the coastal
villages have been sheltered in a camp and arrangement for food and
medical aid have been with the help of local rice millers and other
philantrapic individuals.
Relief activities are also underway in several other districts like
Guntur, Krishna, Godavari etc.


Kollam : Karunagappally taluk suffered major fury. Around 86 people
died. But casualties are definitely going to be more. 6600 people are
housed in 26 relief camps. Swayamsewaks are managing 14 camps out of
them. Besides they are operating six ambulances and also providing
food, clothes, medicines and beddings. An estimated 800 houses have
been washed away.

Alappuzha:- 23 people reported to be dead. More bodies are being
recovered.800 houses have been damaged. Most of them belong to poor
fishermen. Relief camps are jam-packed. There are only 14 camps and
around 40000 people are housed. All these camps are being run by Sewa
Bharati. Sewa Bharathi has opened a relief camp in the Kayamkulam
Taluk Hospital much to the relief of Govt. authorities.

Ernakulam:- The RSS training camp at a place viz. Nayarambalam has
been converted into a relief camp. Food and medicines have been
arranged for around 600 inmates. Further help is pouring in.

BJP, RSS set out on collection drive : Clothes, food, money

BJP, RSS set out on collection drive :Clothes, food, money

THE BJP and RSS in Gujarat on Tuesday announced elaborate plans to
gather from every corner of the State relief material and funds for
the tsunami-hit victims of south India.

In separate news conferences, both organisations refrained from
criticising the UPA government in its response to the calamity and the
ongoing relief work carried out by it. Both RSS Gujarat sangh-chalak
Amritbhai Kadiwala and BJP State president Rajendrasinh Rana said the
relief operations by the Central government were ''going fine''.

Kadiwala said over 2,000 RSS workers from south India were engaged in
relief operations in affected areas in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and
Nicobar islands. ''We in Gujarat have started collection of clothes,
food material and money for the relief work. Swayamsevaks across
Gujarat have started collecting aid from citizens,'' he said.

RSS-affiliated Seva Samiti Trust leader Vallabhbhai Saholia has
donated Rs 50,000 for relief work, said Kadiwala. He said swayamsevaks
in all 1,200 shakhas in Gujarat would be visiting main squares in all
major cities and towns of the state to collect relief material.

RSS swayamsevaks running relief camps

RSS swayamsevaks running relief camps; a team of 14 doctors, 20
truckloads of relief materials sent from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu

New Delhi, Dec. 29 (PTI): The RSS has sought reports from its units in
the southern States where tsunami had killed thousands of people and
hit the lives of fishermen, so that it could further streamline the
ongoing relief activities being carried on by its swayam sevaks.

"We have asked for reports from the all the affected States including
our unit in Andaman and Nicobar so that we can further streamline our
relief and rehabilitation measures in these areas," RSS spokesman Ram
Madhav, told reporters here today.

"As it is difficult for one organisation to handle the entire relief
operations, the Sangh, therefore, decided to carry out relief
activities in the affected areas. We are also taking steps to provide
assistance to the fishermen who have lost their boats and thus, the
very source of their livelihood," he said.

The RSS plans to make Chennai its headquarters and from there extend
help to all the affected persons, including those in Andaman and
Nicobar islands, he said.

Madhav said 20 truckloads of relief material has been sent from
Karnataka to Tamil Nadu as also a team of 14 doctors while in Andhra
Pradesh and Kerala, swayam sevaks were running relief camps. He
appealed to the people to contribute towards the relief fund launched
by Seva Bharathi Tamil Nadu.

Sewa Inernational's appeal to help tsunami-affected

Sewa Inernational's appeal to help tsunami-affected people of coastal Southern Bharat Appeal to help Tsunamis affected people of coastal Southern India

Giant Tsunamis unleashed by a massive undersea earthquake in distant
Sumatra lashed coastal southern India on Sunday morning, killing
several thousands people and affecting millions of people in Tamil
Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry and Andaman and Nicobar
Islands. Worst affected is the fishermen community who generally
reside along the coast.

Volunteers from Sewa Bharati, Jana Sankshema Samiti, Vivekanand Kendra
and several other organizations have swung into action and are
providing the much-needed rescue and relief services to the victims.
Emergency medical services including medicines, food packets, drinking
water, clothes are being provided. A quick survey is also being done
to estimate the destruction. All of us should join this effort in this
hour of crisis.

Sewa International in association with local organizations, is
planning to work for the rehabilitation of affected families
• Medical services
• Distribution of fishing nets, assistance for purchasing and
repairing fiber boats
• Repair of diesel engines and supply fuel
• Distribution of textbooks, notebooks and uniforms to students.
• Construction of houses.
• Repair and construction of community infrastructure.
Sewa International makes an appeal to come forward and help us serve
those affected by the killer Tsunamis.

All inland donations should be sent to:

1. Sewa Bharathi Tamil Nadu
Shakti, 1, M.V. Street, Pachvati, Chetpet, Chennai- 600031, Tamil Nadu
Ph: 044-28361049, 28360243 E-mail:

2. Jana Sankshema Samiti
Madhava Sadhan, Kaleshwara Rao Road, Vijaywada- 520002, Andhra Pradesh

All donations from outside India should be sent to:

Sewa International
Apte Bhavan, 10196, D. B. Gupta Road, Jhandewala, New Delhi- 110055, India
Ph: 91-11-23517373, 23684445, E-mail:
Bank Account No: 21290, State Bank of India, Jhandewala Extn., New Delhi-110055
Branch Code No: 9371